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Tue, Jul. 27th, 2004, 04:37 pm
igz00: Cinque Terre to Venice

So we left Monterosso, Cinque Terre, at around 3:30pm. From there we had to go back to Pisa, then to Florence, then to Bologna,and THEN to Venice. The whole trip took aproximately 9 hours!! We had some good quality conversation and relaxing time to ride on the train. The stressful part was carrying our packs around in each of the stations trying to get people to tell us which train we needed to be on next. When we finally arrived in Venice we followed the directions to the campground we are staying at, yet they failed to mention the bus stops running at 10:30pm. €10 later we made it there to check in and both fell asleep almost instantly. The good news is that last night was the first night we've actually been cold the whole time we've been here.

Today we slept in REALLY late, had lunch, and then headed out to the city. So far we've just been wandering around getting good pictures and checking out the little shops. Tonight we are staying in the same campground then getting up as early as possible to head to Bern, Switzerland. Tomorrow night we are staying at a hostel there then going to Our Chalet the next morning (Thursday.) After our tour of the Chalet we are heading to Paris!