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Fri, Jul. 23rd, 2004, 12:55 pm
igz00: Rome day 2

After touring all day yesterday (and visiting the Hard Rock!) we sat in the bar with Gordon and Adrian playing cards, etc. We met Caroline and Martin, who are from Switzerland, because they recognized the card game we were playing. They left the hostel we are at now in the morning to go to Florence and we are planning on staying at the same camp ground as them tonight.

This morning we got up early-ish so that we would have time to finish seeing the city before we left for Florence this evening. We took the 8:30 shuttle to the train station with Adrian and Gordon, and spent the morning with them at the Vatican. It was gorgeous with lots of pretty statues and paintings. For some reason I can't define we decided to PAY to hike all the way to the top of the dome. (something like 500 steps total) Personally, I thought I might die, but the view was well worth it. We just finished lunch with them and are now headed to the Sistine Chapel (as soon as we can find it.)

Tonight we head to Florence, and hopefully find some place to stay. :) (We need to call and make reservations.)

Thu, Jul. 22nd, 2004, 04:33 pm
anwynn: Rome Baby!!!

We are in a little internet cafe in Rome right now, very modern and techy, but cute.

We had to sleep a little late today, because last night was a late one. We met two Scottish boys, Gordan and Adrien, on the train to the hostel who ended up staying by us. They are 16 and 18 and travelling the opposite direction as us (they already hit Venice). So we sat up with them for hours, talking and hanging out at the bar. Lots of fun. Lots of Sangria.

When we did get up today, we bought water at the hostel (much cheaper and we can refill the bottles at the water fountains all over the city). Once in downtown Rome, we started at the Colleseum, where we took a guided tour. Very much worth the money. Plus, we found out part way through that we could also take a free tour of the Forum with our same stickers. So very very much worth the money. We have taken so many pictures of the ruins and such. I can't wait to make a memory album!!!

We're about to go see the Pantheon and the Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain). We decided to save the Vatican and the Sistine Chapel for tomorrow morning, after which we hed to Florence.

It is so hot here, in the upper 90s, supposed to hit above 100. So we have been drinking our water and wearing sunscreen like good little girls, because a sunburn with those backpacks would be horrible!! :)

Wed, Jul. 21st, 2004, 05:16 pm
igz00: Rome

We are in Rome now, at our hostel, which is awesome.

We went around Naples this morning. We toured an old castle with a bunch of art exhibits and the like. It was very beautiful, especially the view from the top. We took a lot of pictures.

And, come to find out, carrying our backpacks around all day actually isn't that hard. New bruises and a lot of sore muscles, but I think we'll survive.

We didn't have very much trouble getting to Rome, and no trouble navigating once we got here. I think we're a little tired out from the hot sun and long day (we got up at 7 today to see a lot before we left for Rome).

This hostel is actually a campsite, but it has a restaurant, a bar, a market, and a pool. Very nice. I think we're going to try and head back to Rome tonight to see one or two things. Or we might end up buying a bottle of wine and just relaxing. Either way works for me!

Natalie :)

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Tue, Jul. 20th, 2004, 05:59 pm
igz00: Italy and our first adventure

Apparently we left our brains on the plane to England, because we certainly haven't been able to use them since. On the way to Naples we both fell dead asleep before we even took off. We only woke up when the man in front of us was being yelled at/arrested for smoking in the bathroom on the plane. Once we got to Naples we found out that all the trains stopped running at 10pm, it was 10:10pm. the bus ended up being our only reasonable option so we hopped on one. This of course was AFTER we asked several different people and got several different versions on which way to get to Margellina (where our hostel is.) We ended up on the wrong bus, which goes right by Margellina, but not TO Margellina and of course we didn't get off in some strange place. Next thing we know we are out of Naples and sitting in a hotel lobby. The guy at the front desk was super nice and called us a taxi and we made it to our hostel by midnight. (We are pretty sure the hostel is only 5 miles from the airport.)

This morning was much better, we slept in late and missed breakfast, but it was well worth it. We decided to wander the city and find a place to get online. Of course we ask people for directions and again end up with several different sets. So we are wandering around downtown Naples looking for something that says "Internet Point" when we ran into a Canadian, Aurora. We were super excited to hear and talk to someone else who spoke English so we tagged along with her for a little while. Amazingly enough we ran into an internet place while walking with her.

After settling all of the internet business we got on another train and went to Pompei. The ruins were awesome, but it was super hot! We stayed there for about 3 hours until we decided to go to Sorrento, which is where we are now. This place is really beautiful, nice views of the mountains and the water, but very touristy.

We found a place to stay in Rome while we were using the internet in Naples. Its called Tiber Hostels and Camping, it looks pretty nice and the price isn't too bad. It even has a pool!

Mon, Jul. 19th, 2004, 04:38 am
anwynn: (no subject)

We made it!!
And Alli is making fun of my typing, but this keyboard is different.

The flight was fun, once we got to the airport and actually found where we needed to go. And of course there was the fact that I have kept up the tradition of always having my bag x-rayed. Granted, my bag weighed 68 pounds (the limit is 70) and looked like it had a body in it. I would like to clarify that my actual bag was inside of this bigger duffel bag, along with two sleeping bags, a smaller duffel bag, and a pillow. Though I did overpack to a horrible extent, it's not as bad as it seems.

Alli couldn't sleep on the flight. . .I slept about 4 or 5 of the 7.5 hours. I can't help it, traveling knocks me out. Apparently at some point she asked me to move so she could go to the bathroom and I slept talked to her. When she came back, I refused to move, so she stepped over me 'accidentally' kicking me. *smiles*

It's only 4:30ish at home, but it's 10:30ish here, so good morning either way!!

Tonight, or late this afternoon actually, we fly to Naples. Italy Baby!!

Sat, Jul. 17th, 2004, 03:48 am
igz00: Itenerary

July 18th - Chicago to London
  • 4:00pm Arrive at Chicago O’Hare
  • 6:25pm Flight leaves

July 19th - London to Naples
  • 8:15am Arrive in London (Heathrow)
  • Spend the day with Scott Austin
  • 5:15pm Depart London (Gatwick)
  • 8:55pm Arrive in Naples
  • Arrive at Hostel Mergellina

July 20th - Naples
  • Pompeii/Mt. Vesuvius

July 21st - Naples to Rome
  • Pompeii/Mt. Vesuvius
  • Travel to Rome

July 22nd - Rome

July 23rd - Rome

July 24th - Rome to Venice

July 25th - Venice

July 26th - Venice to Florence

July 27th - Florence to Our Chalet
  • Traveling by train over night to Bern Switzerland

July 28th - Our Chalet to Paris
  • Day trip to Our Chalet and the traveling to Paris

July 29th - Paris

July 30th - Paris to London
  • Depart Paris at 8:15am via Eurostar
  • Arrive in London at 9:51am

July 31st -WS
  • West Sussex International Scout Encampment

August 1st - WS

August 2nd - WS

August 3rd - WS

August 4th - WS - Mom and Dad Leave US
  • Depart Indy @ 6:50pm

August 5th - WS - Mom and Dad Arrive
  • Arrive London Heathrow @11:15am

August 6th - WS

August 7th - WS

August 8th -

August 9th - Natalie goes home
  • Depart London Heathrow @ 10:35am
  • Arrive Chicago O’Hare @ 1:05pm

August 10th -

August 11th -

August 12th -

August 13th -

August 14th -

August 15th - Return to US
  • Depart London Heathrow @ 4:45pm
  • Arrive Chicago O’Hare @ 7:15pm
  • Depart Chicago O’Hare @ 9:15pm
  • Arrive Indy @10:15pm

Mon, May. 10th, 2004, 10:02 pm
igz00: WS

I was thinking, if we don't hear from WS soon, say the end of May that we should just extend the rest of our trip. That way we could spend more time in each city, then head to WS on Thursday or so and you wouldn't leave until the following Monday. Thoughts?

Fri, Apr. 23rd, 2004, 11:54 am
igz00: (no subject)

This is where Jeannie said they stayed last time...


btw, call me Natalie, need your permission to spend some money

Wed, Apr. 21st, 2004, 02:29 am
igz00: What do you think?

Dear Allison

A day visit consists of an informative slide show about the history of Our Chalet and then one of our volunteers would take you on a guided tour of the Main Chalet and Spycher which takes approximately 1 hour. Following the tour, you would be welcome to make use of our picnic tables whilst enjoying the panoramic views of Adelboden, enjoy an ice cream from our reception or visit the shop which would be opened for you at this time.

These tours are run each day at 10am and 2pm. Please let me know which date would suit you and I will check availability.

Caroline Smart
Office Assistant

Fri, Apr. 16th, 2004, 03:47 am
igz00: Random Updates

Did you know that we originally planned on leaving the US on the 16th? Any idea why we changed that plan?

Did you read my LJ that we didn't get accepted to stay at Our Chalet? Some crap about requiring people to stay 7-10 days at a time. They did give me this other site to look at for places to stay but we're talking like $100 a night!

I need to email Jeannie Thurnall because her troop is staying somewhere near by and maybe we could sneak in with them. :)

In othe news Scott says we'll have to be in England by the 30th which changes plans around a little bit. I thought we had written down how many days we want to stay where, but thats when we were planning on arriving on the 17th, not the 19th, and also not trying to go to Switzerland and France.... back when we had the delusion we might go to Ireland... yeah, long time ago.

ok I think thats it, back to writing my speech!

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