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Mon, Jul. 26th, 2004, 02:29 pm
anwynn: cinque terre

To clarify, Natalie, not Alli, bought the pashmina. And it is kind of like a big scarf or a shawl. Very pretty.

At the hostel in Florence, the last night, we had a great time sitting with a few German guys. They were loud and drunk, but nice. Also, they were obsessed with Donald Duck and the show the Duck Tales. Which led to interesting conversation. They were appalled that Alli didn't know about Lance Armstrong winning the Tour de France (I knew). Good pictures with the gnome were taken. And, horror of horrors, I dropped him and broke off a piece of his sleeve as well as a piece of Pepe's (the rabbit he rides on) tail. I hide my face in shame.

The next day (Sunday) we got on a train for Pisa. The leaning tower is pretty much the only thing interesting to see there. Of course, it is a 20 minute walk from the station, but that was fine. We didn't climb up it because it would have been 15€ each, way too expensive. But we rested on the pretty lawns surrounding it and took a lot of pictures.

Then off to Cinque Terre (Monterosso). This place is gorgeous. All mountains and ocean and just breathtaking. This seems to be the place where all the local Italians come to vacation in the summer. However, it is definitely too expensive to stay for a long time. Unless we could just live here forever. :)

We went one town up from where we're staying to see fireworks last night. They echoed off the mountains, very cool. Then this morning we lounged at the beach, relaxing and enjoying a little break from hurrying from sight to sight. Now we're off to Venice. Ciao!

Mon, Jul. 26th, 2004 12:56 pm (UTC)

I truly hope that you guys can experience a gondola ride. It might be expensive for just two people, but it really is fun. When I was in Venice about 5-6 years ago, there was a large group of us. Together we had about 4 gondolas filled. One of those had a man with an accordian who sang the whole ride. I think the best part about it, though, was my mom saying, "No wonder these guys have nice butts! They have to be working those muscles doing this for a living." =o)

I miss Italy.