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Thu, Jul. 29th, 2004, 06:47 pm
anwynn: Our Chalet and Bern

The trip to Bern was not nearly as bad as the trip to Venice. Mostly due to the fact that we only had to take two trains, as opposed to the four we took to get to Venice.

We were very tired (understandably) so we fell asleep on the train. When we crossed the border, a guard woke Alli up to ask for our passports. Only she was half asleep still and very confused by having her leg shaken by a man with a gun. I woke up just as she realized what he wanted. It was a little amusing.

Once in Bern, we bought our tickets to Paris (for tonight). It is an overnight train, getting us there with plenty of time to spare before the train through the Chunnel (he he). We also went to the tourist center at the Bern train station. They were super nice, helping us figure out where the hostel was and such.

Once we got to the hostel, we realized it is actually a hotel, and super nice. The beds were awesome!!!

Today we spent traveling to Our Chalet (first on a train to Frutigen then a bus to Adelboden then a 20 minute walk up a mountain-not a hill, a mountain). Our Chalet was gorgeous. It was definitely worth the trip. Of course, we wanted to stay longer. Maybe next trip!!

Thu, Jul. 29th, 2004 02:02 pm (UTC)
cmeador: beds

Glad to hear you finally get to sleep in beds!

Having spent months at a time sleeping on gymnasium floors and motorcoaches during drum corps season, I know exactly how it feels to sleep in a comfy bed as if for the first time. Funny how a vacation from the day-to-day conveniences of home can build appreciation for the simplest things! (For example, driving your own car?)

Hope you guys are having fun.

Fri, Jul. 30th, 2004 07:18 am (UTC)
igz00: Re: beds

well we have been sleeping in beds almost the whole time, but most have been lacking sheets and are questionably clean.

Today has been a hell of a day... but we both made it to London alive, plus or minus a few things. Will post all about it in a minute.